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Name:Hayato Gokudera
Birthdate:Sep 9

Birthday/Age: 9/9 - 15 years old
Timeline: Around ch. 282

Parents: Lavina(dead), ?(no contact)
Siblings: Bianchi(half-sister)

Height: 168 cm
Weight: 54 kg
Hair Colour: Grey, shoulder-length
Eye Colour: Green
Nationality: Italian (1/4 Japanese)
Sense of Style: Dark, punk-ish
First impression A delinquent?
Typical Scent: Cigs and gunpowder


• • • Canon • • •

Short summary of KHR: Sawada Tsunayoshi is just your ordinary teenage boy who attends Junior High and sucks at it, but his life takes an extraordinary turn when Tsunayoshi meets Reborn, an infamous (baby) hitman, who has been sent by ninth boss of Vongola to train Tsunayoshi for his upcoming title. With the help of all his new friends, and an array of special items such as the "Dying Will Bullet", he might just be able to do it.

• • • History • • •

Gokudera grew up in a castle in Italy with his rich mafioso father and his step-mom. He also has a half-sister called Bianchi; he suffers from stomach craps every time he sees her face due to her always feeding him poisoned food when they were young (her special talent is poison cooking). She can avoid making him feel nauseated if she covers part of her face.

Shamal, a renowned hitman, used to work for the family as a doctor at some point. Gokudera admired the man so he approached him, wanting to learn his Trident Mosquito technique. Shamal taught him how to attack with dynamites instead, but quit instructing the kid when Hayato came back from a fight, bragging about all the 'war wounds' he'd gotten. Gokudera didn't understand the reason for Shamal's decision until many years later.

Hayato took piano lessons from a very talented, kind woman. He was very fond of her, and was pretty sad when she suddenly stopped showing up when he was 3 years old. Five years later he heard the maids gossiping, and realized that the piano-teacher was actually his real mom, and that his father had assassinated her! (In later chapters Bianchi tells Gokudera that his mother was very sick, and that was the real reason why her car slipped of the cliff on an even road. He's still unsure if that's the real truth however).

So at the age of 8, Gokudera ran away from home and made up his mind to join a Mafia family to get revenge on his father. Things didn't go as planned however; no family wanted to accept the young pianist, pointing out that he was a weak and troublesome halfbreed(3/4 Italian due to his father, and 1/4 Japanese due to his mother). He stuck with Shamal at first, but eventually learned to get by on his own, taking a few odd jobs here and there to earn some money, and to make a name for himself. He was given the nickname Smoking Bomb due to his fighting technique and his ability to conceal dynamite all over his body.

At the age of 14, a legendary hitman called Reborn gave him a call, suggesting that he should head to Japan and challenge the candidate to becoming the 10th boss of Vongola. Hayato heeded the arcobaleno's advice, and quickly decided to kill Tsuna because he thought that the boy was pathetic and unworthy of the title. During the struggle, Gokudera lost control of his dynamites so they were about to blow him up instead of his target, but Tsuna demonstrated what he was really capable of and saved his life. Gokudera was so touched and amazed that he vowed to follow the fellow teen from that day forward.

Many people are out to get Tsuna and steal his position so he and his friends get into a lot of fights. The first noteworthy one was against Mukuro and his gang, and then came the Varia. Both are hard struggles, but the Vongola wins in the end.

The next turn of events brings the gang 10 years into the future! This happens when everyone is shot by Lambo's bazooka, a device that make you switch place with your 10-year older counterpart. Tsuna and Gokudera are the first to arrive, and get to hear about the grim future they hope to change. They also learn that people in this era fight with something called flames and box weapons. A woman called Lal Mirch agrees to teach the Vongola kids how to use this power.

When one of Tsunas' friends vanish, Yamamoto and Gokudera ventures out of the Family stronghold to find her. They run into the captain of the Blackspell, and Yamamoto suggest that they need to team up in order to take him down. Gokudera refuses coldly, declaring that he'll handle this himself, for once making the cheery teenager beside him angry. Yamamoto watches as Gamma and Gokudera fight, but finally can't manage to be passive anymore, knocking the silver-haired teenager out of harms way as he lectures him on how selfish he is, and that he needs to open up to more people than just Tsuna. The baseballplayer then starts fighting Gamma instead, but Gokudera joins him seconds later after recovering from the shock, saying that it's ok for them to work together after all. They still can't manage to take down the Blackspell leader however so Hibari saves them in the end.

After this they all train even harder. Bianchi offers to help Hayato, but is upset when he refuses. He eventually returns with a fierce little wildcat called Uri, revealing that he learned a new technique called Sistema C.A.I. all by himself. He uses this way of fighting when he meets Gamma again. The two are on par now, and end up with a draw were both are too hurt to fight any longer.

Many fights and turn of events later, the group manages to defeat the main enemy, and are able to return to the past.

• • • Personality • • •

His main goal in life is to become the 10th's right-hand man, whatever the cost. He has a tendency to become jealous of anyone who gets close to Tsuna, especially Yamamoto, fearing that they'll try to steal his position as Tsuna's most dependable/important family member. He is a lone wolf who has a hard time opening up to anyone since he's been rejected so many times in the past, and he thus prefers to do things on his own without asking for help. Gokudera is very loyal to the ones he do care about though. He is highly competitive, and hates to loose.

Gokudera usually slacks of at school, often skipping classes because he's bored, but he's highly intelligent and always aces his tests. G-script is his self-invented code script. He's not fond of authority, and once declared that ''anyone older than me is my enemy''.

People often find the half-Italian scary due to his dark punk-ish clothes, sharp comments, tendency to pick fights and fierce temper, although some girls find the ''rebellious badboy'' attractive. He's usually seen with a frown on his face except for when he's talking with Tsuna, or when he's really excited about something. Gokudera is incredible interested in stuff like cryptozoology, occult and science fiction, and he's also quite superstitious.

Gokudera is a talented piano player, and his hearing is very good. He is also a chain smoker; he usually lights the dynamite with his cigarettes. Don't ask him to help out in the kitchen; his cooking skills aren't great, and he'll probably break every plate when he tries to do the dishes.

Earlier he had a habit of always sacrificing himself for causes he strongly believed in, like shielding Tsuna with his body when he was about to get shot by Chikusa's multiple poisoned needles. This habit probably steam from low self-confidence - he wanted to be needed by someone, depended on. Shamal, his mentor, makes him aware that he must stop being so reckless and quit trying to throw his life away during the Varia training arch. Tsuna also helps Gokudera realize this in the Storm Ring Fight.

This also comes up again during the Future Arch; Gokudera says that he'll win for Tsuna and the Vongola family, while Tsuna forbids him to gamble his life on something so insignificant. Everyone is shocked when Gokudera refuses to follow one of Tsuna's orders for the first time ever. Gokudera then proceed to tell them that he means the words in a whole new way now. He still wants to become the right-hand man, that is the proof of his existence, but he's figured out that he doesn't just have to be fearless and strong - he wants Tsuna to be happy, and one way to achieve that is keeping himself and the rest of the family alive.

• • • Out Of Character • • •

This character swears a lot so let me know if you mind, and I'll tone it down! I'll be gone from 12.30-20.30 CEST most days due to work, but I usually have Sundays of. Feel free to pm me on this account if you need to get hold of me; I check DW quite often ^^ Oh, and I should probably mention that I'm 18+

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